And the Vegetable of the Day Is…

This has nothing or everything to do with a blog about gardening.  The first  time I ever ate at a certain chain restaurant who have rocking chairs out front for your leisure to wait for a table (which is way cool), I was still a carnivore.     I can’t remember what fried protein item I ordered, but the thing I do remember distinctly to this day revolves around the “Vegetable of the Day.”     Their menu clearly stated “vegetable of the day”  and not “sides.”  I ordered.
Me:  I’ll have the the fried carcass, the fried okra and the collard greens.
Waitress:  You get one more with that.
Me:  Okay.  What’s your vegetable of the day?
Waitress:  Macaroni and Cheese
Me:  What part of that is a vegetable?
Waitress:  Blank stare
My Mother:  crawled under a table
My Sister:  Spewed sweet-tea out of her nose.
Me:  That’ll be fine
What do y’all think?  Can we grow mac-n-cheese?  

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