Field Trip

No, not to Home Depot.

What can I say?  It’s a favorite past-time of ours.

We also have had a seedling disaster.  After our initial success, some of them weren’t really thriving and we were concerned.  We didn’t understand because we’ve been watering them and had them under grow lights.  The herbs and tomatoes were the worst.  We figured they must need fertilizer, so we added some fish emulsion to our water and let them have it.  Overnight, they went from various states of bad to almost dead.  We just couldn’t figure out what we did wrong?

We got up today and decided to go to a garden center and buy established cold weather plants.  The garden centers in Lancaster are cheaper and have a better selection than those around here.  And hey, who doesn’t like Intercourse?  So, off we went.

Once we got home, we decided to try transplanting some of the stronger looking okra and tomato plants. That’s when we discovered what went wrong.  We used two different types of seedling soil.  When we started to move the tomatoes, we found that the top part of the soil was good and wet but the root end was dry as a bone.  The Agway soil was not draining properly so the roots could not thrive.  This prompted us to over fertilize the other stuff, which was now suffering.  Ugh.

Oh well, we have some stuff to put in the ground.  Tomorrow!  And we’ll see if we could save some of the plants that can’t be put in until May.  We are not looking at this as a defeat.  Rather a lesson learned.

Next…What’s going in the ground?  Where are we going to put our new fig tree?  And, new fence art.


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