Farmer Ted is a Machine!

That’s right folks…we have plants in the ground.  Finally.

Lettuce. Spinach.  Onions. Scallions. Garlic.  Collards.  Brussel Sprouts. Bok Choi. Snap peas (mostly seeds).  To come this week:  Chinese Long Beans, Turnips, Artichokes, Lima Beans (also mostly will be seeds b/c we didn’t find plants).

ALL the credit here goes to Ted.  I spent my morning having my toenails painted a lovely shade of Blue Suede Shoes, and my afternoon in bed arguing with a migraine.  Ultimately I was the victor; however, that MF*er put up one hell of a fight.  Today was a day of incredible, pride inducing productivity.  Unfortunately, I spent most of it in bed and missed it all.  What are you gonna do?

We have new garden art.

The yoga frog is in honor of Ted’s new favorite spectator sport.  The garden tool is from a cool little antique shop we stopped at on yesterday’s field trip.

Finally, our fig.  It’s not in the ground yet, but will be this week.  It’s already fruiting!  I can’t wait.

Next…I dunno.  We’ll just hafta wait and see what tomorrow brings.


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