Battle of the A’s

What’s your fave?  Artichokes or Asparagus?

Butter Beans blew the rest out of the water.  This surprised me.  Clearly, Lima Beans are far superior.  Why the Lima hate?

Nothing new in the garden since we’ve been back.  Today it rained.  Yesterday was a day of unpacking and cleaning up my new-to-me Jag.  That’s right folks.  I bought a 1990 Jaguar XJ6.  For $1.  The engine is sweet, but the body and interior need some work.  The plan is to get rid of my leased Ford (what a waste of money…leasing a car) in June and fix up the Jag.  Hopefully, we can find a cheap pickup as well.

Next…Hopefully, when we can finally slog out to get a good look at the gardens, we’ll find some sprouts growing.  The plants don’t look like any varmints got to them, so that’s a bonus.


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