Do you think the Obama’s would be interested in a Celebrity Garden Feature?

We were sitting around one night shooting the shit with the eldest spawn who announces that Rush is on tour and he would like to see them in concert.  16 + Rush = Huh?  Anyway, Ted was all about it.  After some investigation, we decided that the upcoming show in Baltimore was doable.

The dilemma about whether or not to drive all the way down and back was soon solved.  I pricelined a hotel for a great price in DC, so we decided to make a weekend of it.  The youngest spawn is going with his dad to Canada for a special trip, so it’ll just be the three of us.  The plan is to drive to Baltimore.  Ted and #1 will see the show.  I hopefully can catch up with and hang with a friend there.  And after the show, drive down to DC.

Needless to say, we are pretty excited.  Ted and I were talking about our last trip to DC, how much fun we had, and what we might want to do this time.  And then it hit us, how can we go about getting a tour of the White House garden?  I mean, can you see Ted chatting up Barack?  We started to plan:

Do we know people?  Do we know people who would actually let us on the grounds of the White House?
Michele:  Do you think they’d let us sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom?  You look like Abe.
Ted:  Philadelphia has their own Ben Franklin for events.   I could be available to do tours of the Lincoln Memorial.
Michele:  I promise not to bring cigars.
Ted:  Please bring cigars.
Michele:  I wonder if they’ll accept garden art, like they have a White House Christmas Tree?  Mr. Greenjeans would be honored.
Ted:  They could name their garden “The Cluck Stops Here.”
Michele:  I bet they spread their manure liberally.
Ted:  Did Jimmy Carter have a White House Garden?  He could’ve called it the Peanut Gallery.


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