Tactical Maneuvers

It would seem that even though we haven’t harvested anything from the garden, the cutworms have been helping themselves to all of the leafy green goodness.  We will not take this lying down.

Rufus vs. the Flamingoes.  We did some redecorating and put them in the garden as name stakes.  I guess he thought they must’ve moved themselves and went nuts barking at them.  Only the offer of treats could tear him away.

Goings on in the flower garden…tulips & bleeding hearts.


Next…We’ll break out the DDT if we have to cutworms.  You’ve been warned.  The Dragon’s bath has been put on hold until tomorrow night because Friday he is going to the Spa for the weekend.

P.S.  I like both sweet and spicy peppers too, but I like one just a smidge more than the other.  So vote.



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2 responses to “Tactical Maneuvers

  1. oMG that is a grave stone!! ROTFLMAO! Bootsie sounds like a kitty cat's name but a 73 year old feline…don't think so! HA!LOL at Rufus and the flamingos!Like all your yard art…I call them yard chotskies! =0) I have that same tiki mask out on our Maragritaville front porch.Hope y'all found the messing chime.

  2. Missing ..I mean….some one was MESSING with it..it's late…I can't spell good. =0P

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