What’s for supper?

GrowDammit Salad.  That’s what!

Lettuce from our garden!

The beauty of the GrowDammit Salad is that it can have anything in it, as long as it’s from our garden.  It  will grow and evolve over time.  It won’t pigeonhole itself like those dated Chef, Cobb and Greek Salads.  Move over Caesar, with the GrowDammit…Anything Goes!

It was delish.



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7 responses to “What’s for supper?

  1. Ted

    In my opinion… there's nothing prettier on a plate, than a salad; (Or Salade…. as we French Huguenots roll.) I've found that the best way to prep up your lettuce is to fill the sink with some salted ice water and throw in the lettuce, that way…. The dirt sinks and the lettuce floats. Pretty easy. That's the tip for the day.It was Michele's salade so I only had a bite but but I was pretty impressed with the thing! The leaves were nice and firm… The color was beautiful and it just tasted…I dunno…Fresh; Fresher than store bought lettuce. Is "Fresher" a word? It just doesn't sound right.So how about that crazy ass weather they're having down South? It's moving up this way and should be here this evening. Today's gonna be a good day to finish that stupid ceiling in the hallway that I've been putting off; (And putting off… and putting off… and putting off.) What a pain in the ass this is going to be BUT… It's gotta be done. I've got to admit… I've developed a BAD case of the lazies with this ceiling and that's not my style AT ALL. No one likes lazy, unless of course…. You're lazy! If THAT'S the case, then… I dunno, Man. I dunno.So now I've gotten myself all jacked up about getting this thing done. I'll be glad when THAT shit is done, then on to the next thing… The bathroom… then the guest room… then who knows what else. Oh yeah… I know what else. Then the kitchen. Shit! So much for retiring and leading the life of Riley. I actually enjoy doing stuff like this and besides… I can't see paying someone to do it when you can do it yourself AND… it makes Michele happy! (And that's what it's all about.)Please note my shameless attempt in gaining brownie points.

  2. Ted

    Test… test… test. Is this thing on?

  3. Isn't "french huguenots" just a fancy way of sayin ….pickle_chugger?

  4. I've eaten many a salad. I shall try the salted ice water trick! What does the salt do, help it stay more buoyant?follytreehouse.com

  5. Ted

    @ Stephen…. The saltwater infuses with the lettuce to give it a mild salty taste. It's pretty subtle but it works. DUDE! I have a house around the corner from you on E. 13th Street. Do me a favor and buy it… Please. I like the follytreehouse.com (You have a new fan.)@ Anonymous…. "French Huguenot" is a fancy way of saying… "My Woman's hot as shit!" So in the words of that creepy Vulcan (Mister Spock) "Live long and fuckin' suck it!"

  6. Did you just toughtalk me in a blog? ….the french, pantie sniffers….the lot of ya.Also, the women don't wash nor shave on the regular.

  7. Ted

    Like you don't smell girl's panties!

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