I have a group of girlfriends who occassionally force me to get away from the ratrace at godforesaken places like this farm on a river…

…and this house on a lake.

They make me endure such heinous views, while consuming large quantities of this…

…and these.

It’s really so outrageous that I am occasionally forced to school them at games such as…

Too add insult to injury, they have me brainwashed so as to use horrible, tortuous means of coercion to make Farmer Ted cook for them.   Only to leave him behind.

I really don’t know how I can stand to be around these ladies.  And I use that term loosely.

Next…we might try to GrowDammit something today.  And the beets were given a solid thumbs down.  Time for a new poll.



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9 responses to “Insufferable

  1. You poor thing…glad that you made it home relatively unscathed!

  2. The food was so good that we may let Ted cook again next time (if he's very, very lucky)!

  3. Ted

    I see a pattern here…First… It's cook the food; Next thing ya know… I'll be forced to give strip shows and hang out with a bunch of hot ass women out there on the farm. (You ladies are a buncha users.)

  4. Ted

    And then I'll end up being the pole that you chicks throw your washers around. I've got my eye on you!

  5. I honestly can't top Farmer Ted's comments, other than by asking, where are the food porn photos?

  6. Forgot the gratuitous food porn. Will have to stage a reenactment. The aftermath of the feeding frenzy was not unlike a war zone.

  7. Ted

    You've gotta show us the money first, Mare! Our Food porn is a lot like a stick of butter. (We spread for bread.)THAT…. Was pretty good.

  8. This is why I love coming over here to visit. I can't leave without laughing…lol!

  9. Again, some of those photos are really, really good! Professional? As for Farmer Ted becoming the pole that washers ring? Hmm…how many washers you reckon before someone slaps a nut on the end of that shnozzle? haha…

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