New Poll…The Flowering Cabbage Rumble

As an added bonus, whichever wins the eldest spawn will have to eat for a week.  Well, he did request a new poll.

I have this quirk with broccoli.  I will love it, like can’t get enough of it love it.  Love it so much I could marry it love it.  For a while.  And then one day, I will smell it cooking and get totally disgusted.  Then I can go years without touching the stuff.  Weird right?  I know, but still it happens.  I do the same thing with canned tuna.  Go figure.
The plotting of the GrowDammit Orchard has begun.  We already have a fully mature apple, and our fig is in the ground and doing quite well.  Last night we planted the cherry tree in the vacinity of the fig.  And we put apricot sproutage in front of the back garden, which will be moved to the middle of the back yard next year for more sunlight.  The back of the back garden is getting too much shade, and the back of the front garden is getting too much shade.  We didn’t account for tree foilage in our daily sun/shade analysis in early spring…when there were no leaves on the trees.
Now we are figuring out where to put the berry bushes.  Atilla will make an appearance this weekend.  We’re going to clear the yard behind the fig and in front of the Wannabe Compost Area for them and mulch it.  When those suckers start to grow, we’re not going to be able to mow around them.
Next…Man down (I’ll let Ted fill you on the lawn mower vs. the apricot).  And Rufus Dragon brings a whole new level to lazy.

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