A Double Celebration.

My baby is 12 today.  I like having a child with a birthday that sometimes falls on Memorial Day.  It makes me all the more thankful for those who have and who do serve in our military.  Your selfless courage means that the ones I love the most can sleep peacefully at night.

Happy Bday Youngest Spawn!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend long bday extravaganza.

On the GrowDammit front, we did some reorganization.  Some of the colder weather greens have run their course, so those got pulled.  Some stray tomato seedlings got planted to see what they’ll do.  The okra, that was suffering due to too much shade got moved to a sunnier spot as did the asparagus and strawberries.  We threw some sunflower, cosmos and gourd seeds in various places to see what would happen.  I have a really pretty perennial garden, but I really want a cutting garden too.  Farmer Ted spent a lot of the day cleaning up my $1 Jag.  It looks great.  (I guess we need some before and after shots.)

For supper, we had blackened shrimp over grits cakes with sides of GrowDammit spinach and collards.

Now…chillin’ on the back deck.  Next…will the eldest spawn have to choke down broccoli without cheese sauce for a week?  He implores you to vote.  Actually he wants to stage a protest because “Why isn’t pork a choice?”

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