Rufus vs. the Hornet…

…and Ted vs. the Camera.  This was not supposed to be the subject of this post.  The subject was supposed to be Rufus vs. the Rabbit, Part II; however, Rufus had a different idea.

Farmer Ted spied a rabbit eyeing up the back garden, and since Rufus was nowhere to be found he chased it off into the neighbors yard.  Then, when Rufus showed back up we encouraged him to “go get the rabbit…get him.”  Hey, if we say that phrase with “squirrel” he takes off like a shot.  It’s Pavlovian I guess, and specific to only one species.  Or maybe, he’s just gotten tired of the game (because we like to send him tearing out into the yard even if there isn’t a squirrel).  Whatever the case, “rabbit” only earned us a blank stare.  Ted heads out to the backyard to get a picture of the rabbit, so we can blog about Rabbits-2, Twinkletoes-0.
*notice no pic of the rabbit*
Right about then, Rufus heard a buzzing noise.  He rushed over to investigate, and got stung on the nose.  So here’s the dog flailing around, swatting his nose.  He’s barking at the hornet, gets stung again, flails around some more and then takes off into the yard.
*notice no video of the Dragon*
At least now we know that there’s a hornet’s nest in the grill.

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