It was a busy day at the GrowDammit household.

The bitter greens and green leaf lettuce saw their final spring harvest today.  They bolted in the heat wave, and were not producing much.  Fear not, they’ll reappear in the Fall.  And, it made way for some things to be moved and a couple of additions.

Rufus Dragon was not unchallenged.  A gray cat decided to drop by for a visit.  The Dragon went tearing down the steps to the driveway.  The cat got it’s hackles up.  When Rufus saw that, he skidded to a halt.  And then dealt with the situation the best he knew how…

“Maybe if I turn my back on it and act as if it’s not there, it’ll go away.”

Next…What’s left growing.  What’s new to grow?  And…Hey Eldest Spawn, would you like a side of broccoli with your broccoli?

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