Welcome to the World Mallory Margaret!

My little sis’ had her baby girl today, and made me a Favorite Aunt for the 9th time.  That’s right, I have 9 nieces and nephews (not all from the same sister) and my father has 11 grandchildren.  Having 6 brothers and sisters means that there is usually a baby to cuddle or a toddler to tickle or a snot-nosed brat to tease.  Just kidding kiddos…none of you are brats, so far.

Too bad Blogger sucks, and we can’t upload pics right now b/c today was broccoli day.  It’s also too bad I’m tired, so anyone who was interested in the salsa verde recipe will have to wait on that as well.

Tonight we’re just hangin’ on the deck and watching the fireflies.

Tomorrow…more mulch and maybe some pictures and Weinergate “doggy style.”

Finally, RIP to my other sister’s golden retriever Graham.  You were one cool dog and will be missed.


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