No, not us.  We may act unseemly, but that is some low-rent shit.  We were leaving Wegman’s tonight after getting our Growler on and food shopping when we spied two cops going through a Walgreen’s bag of  one sobbing woman.  I just can’t think of justification  to commit a crime.  Bribery?  Robbery?  Is the possibility of going to jail really worth the crime?  When my dad was first in the SC State Senate a bunch of legislators were taken down as part of an FBI sting.  Taking $1,000 bribes.  These people went to jail.  Ruined their lives, their businesses, their families…for $1,000?  Crazy.  And, people are so brazen.  We were in Target a few weeks ago when Ted saw a woman breeze through the clothing department with a dress in her hand, put it on over her clothes and walk right out of the store.

I must confess to shoplifting once in my life.  I was 5 or 6ish, and my grandmother and I were in the Red & White on the Isle of Palms after church (at the Holy Cross) one Sunday.  I wanted a piece of penny candy…I think it was Bazooka, or maybe Double Bubble.  Marie said “No.”  I wasn’t taking “No” for an answer, so I grabbed a couple pieces in the checkout line and shoved them in my pockets.  We got back to the grandparents homestead on Oak Harbor Boulevard and my grandmother wanted some answers as to where I got the mouthful of gum I was chewing.  Next thing you know, she marched my little ass back down to the Red & White to fess up to the manager.  Thinking back, I’m sure she called him in advance because he was NOT nice at all about me stealing and even talked about calling the police (my grandmother was the clerk down at City Hall).  I’ll tell you what, to this day I wouldn’t even consider taking something without paying for it.  I even feel guilt if I get home from shopping and have something in my stash that I wasn’t charged for.

What the hell does this have to do with gardening?  Nothing, but we did get our garden on today.  More weeding and mulching.  We planned next year’s garden, and some movement and logistics of this year’s that need to happen.  I got a mani/pedi, and Farmer Ted took a nap in which he dreamed that Obama moved into the hood and they sat around and shot the shit.  Apparently, I got home from the salon right as he was asking about the White House Garden.  I’ll let him fill you in on the lack of security.  Oh, we paid for all of our groceries.

Next…Cold Pea Soup and 5th Grade Graduation.


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