GrowDammit Curry

Last year I was at the garden center and they had curry plants that were half dead and on major sale, so I bought two.  I really bought them on a lark b/c their leaves were a really pretty soft shade of green.  For contrast, I put one in the perennial garden and one in a container with other flowers.  The one in the container did not over-Winter, but to my surprise this year the one in the garden came back.  Tonight, we decided to cook with it.  I read online that it really doesn’t replace curry powder or paste in a dish, but if you saute it in a bit of oil before you cook your aromatics it adds a nice flavor to them.


The herb on the left is the fresh curry, on the right we have some thai basil that was generously donated to the GrowDammit garden along with a delicate, edible marigold by our friend good friend Jill.  Thanks Jill!

And without further ado, dinner tonight…

GrowDammit Curried Shrimp

Eat your hearts out.  Farmer Ted’s getting good with the expensive ass camera don’t you think?

Next…I promised you a poll.  Still working on it.  And, a Mohawk for the eldest spawn.


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