Have you seen my Wiener?

Dog that is.  Here is a day in the life of Rufus.

And here is the Dragon “on patrol,” which is what he would like us to believe he does all day.

Without fail, every time we pull into the driveway he runs to greet us and then makes a beeline to the groundhog hole.  Not sure what happened to good ol’ Phil, but he hasn’t made an appearance lately.  The neighbor down the way said something about trying to trap it.  I’m going to go with that scenario, and not ask any questions.  Still…Twinkletoes wants to remind us that he’s on top of things. Real or imaginary.

The youngest spawn graduated from the 5th grade yesterday.  He still has a week of school though.  Hello cruel world.  He’s seriously pissed.  He reasons that he’s done his time, graduated and made the honor roll.  Isn’t that enough?  I told him to run for the School Board.

On the GrowDammit menu tonight…

Pea Soup

It was delish.

Last night…

GrowDammit Stuffed Shrooms

Next…Farmer Ted is starting to learn how to use the damned expensive camera we own.   And, the herb bracket poll will start.  I’m hoping this will eclipse March Madness.

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