Garden Death Match Poll

Vote for your favorite in the first round of an Herb Smackdown between 16 of the most popular.  Tonight we start with two heavy hitters.  Basil vs. Oregano.  The eldest spawn was so impressed by the scientific thought process and time we put into the bracket, he insisted we post a picture.

I guess this means he has gotten over the broccoli debacle and is reading the blog again.

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day.  Farmer Ted mowed the backyard while I got my tan on with my new toy, the Miststand.  Hell Yes.  You hook this bad boy up to the hose, and get treated to a continuous spray of fine mist.  Perfect for laying out on the back deck in the heat of the summer when you don’t have a pool, creek or ocean handy to jump in.  Then I dragged Ted to cram ourselves into the Apple store in the King of Prussia Mall with the rest of the planet.  I dread the Apple store.  Why subject the poor man to that?  Because my piece of shit iPhone wasn’t working properly.  Again.  I figured Father’s Day at 5:30 would be a ghosttown.  Boy, was I wrong.  It all worked out for him though.  We ended up getting our Growler on at Wegman’s on our way home.  Peel and Eat Shrimp and Steamed Clams were for supper.

We have exciting new GrowDammit developments…

Tonight for dessert, we had a Growdammit Fig with balsamic vinaigrette.  I’m not going to post a pic b/c the vinaigrette doesn’t pour fluidly, rather it drops out of the cruet.  It’s yummy, but pics of it on a plate look like blood splatters.

Next…I’m sure we’ll come up with something.  The Dragon is back from his weeklong sojourn at the house with air conditioning.  He has a lot of patrolling to do.  And yes, you read that right…our house does not have central air.


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