The Elusive Hummer

What?  We’ve had a hummingbird who has been visiting our flower garden, and every time he shows up the expensive ass camera is inside.  Tonight we had the camera at the ready, but were driven inside by rain.  And the hummingbird remains pictureless.

Instead of deck night, we had Kitchen night.  We made black bean and wild rice stuffed poblanos with colby jack cheese, and bell peppers stuffed with wild rice and Ted’s Amazing soy crumble/wild mushroom tomato sauce and parmesan.  I also made some fresh salsa.  For dinner we had one final round of mushrooms stuffed with GrowDammit creamed spinach.  That’s right folks, the spinach has ran it’s course in the garden.

Vote in the poll people!  I’m going to disagree with Farmer Ted and place my bets on Cilantro as the final winner.  Who knows though, I haven’t been right yet about the tastes of our blog followers.

Oh!  We have new features this way——————>

I think if you enter your email address, you can sign up to get email alerts for whenever we make a new post.  You can also share our blog with Facebook and Twitter.

Next…I’m going to work on a Guest Garden Feature.  And some tomatoes better RipenDammit.  I’m not sure how much longer I can resist the lure of the farm stand and $6/lb tomatoes.  I have a hankering for a fresh tomato sammich.


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