While I spent the afternoon in bed fighting a migraine, Farmer Ted was waging war on the aphids. The Tomato Leaf Cocktail seems to have worked.

We see no more wool on the plants.  Later aphids, feel free to not come back.

So, the groundhog is still MIA; however, Phil Jr. made an appearance today.  He was scurrying around the neighbor’s yard, just where we like him.

We are pleased to announce a new poll.  Basil trounced oregano.  Next up, Parsley v. Thyme.

We are also pleased to announce the harvest of something other than a leafy green.

One miniature purple bell, one jalapeno and one yellow cherry tomato.  I see a GrowDammit side salad with tomorrow’s lunch!  We are going to have tomatoes coming our of our ears.

Finally, more of Ted’s awesomeness with the camera…

Sunflowers are so cheerful.  These aren’t homegrown, but we have some coming along nicely.

Next…Will we ever have a day this summer that isn’t mostly cloudy?

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