This morning over breakfast and coffee on the deck, we were treated to a GrowDammit Wild Kingdom Moment.  The Battle of the Coneflowers.  In this corner, The Not So Elusive Anymore Hummer.  In the other corner, The Yellow Swallowtail.  The Swallowtail was happily collecting nectar when Hummer showed up.  Hummer did not like the butterfly being in his hood at all, and tried to chase it away.  The Swallowtail wasn’t having it.  Hummer was relentless.  Swallow (should I be going there with this nickname given the other) seemed to give up and flew off, then in a bold move came back for Round 2.  Hummer grew tired and took a break on the fence, and came back for Round 3.  She was divebombing Swallow.  Swallow was ducking and dodging.  It was a nailbiter.

And the winner is…

The bee officiated…

The Dragon spectated…

Breakfast was blackened shrimp and spinach frittata.  We inhaled it before we took a picture of it.

Next…The Great Lettuce Harvest.


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