Happy 4th!

We know y’all are on the edges of your seats wondering how the Wannabes celebrate Independence Day.  We spent the day cooking and cleaning.  Exciting, we know.  It is actually exciting.  Next weekend, we are headed to Chucktown for a little vacation with family and friends.  It was a so-so day here, so we cleaned.  I just hate coming back from a vacation to a dirty house.  It just emphasizes that the vacation is indeed over.

As for the food part of the day, we got our grill on and made a very special “Up Yours England” celebratory meal.  (Apologies to my BIL Phil, it has to be done once a year.)

We had…

GrowDammit Surf & Turf

With a Brown Sugar Asian Marinade to honor our debt to China.
What makes this GrowDammit?
Please note the skewer of GrowDammit BBQ’d yellow tomatoes.
Also, this feast is plated on a bed of GrowDammit Lettuce.  The final lettuce harvest took place yesterday, and we have 20 gallon bags full of lettuce in the fridge.  I shit you not.  That’s got to be what?   Like 10 pounds of lettuce?  We will be using lettuce very creatively over the next week.  The lettuce bolted and started to flower, and since we are going on vacation (VACATION…I can’t say that word enough) next week we pulled all of the plants.
Vacation.  Sarah Palin, you can suck it.  You called your bus tour a “family vacation” instead of an “attention whore media circus.”  And, because every family names their summer vacation, we are looking for a good name for ours.  Maybe we’ll win the lottery and be able to take our next vacation on a bus tour.
So, here we sit on the back deck reflecting on Freedom.  Vacation.  Listening to some asshole set off the very expensive fireworks he bought, before dark.  Yep, we can hear them clear as a cannon.  We just can’t see them.
Have a good one blog peeps.  Stay safe.
Next…What to name our vacation?  

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