LDHD Days 3 & 4

Day 3 saw Not Ted’s 40 Foot Yacht go home to Miami.  That’s okay, we now have an unobstructed view of Might Be Ted’s 80 Foot Yacht.  I am thinking about going to ask them if they’ll just give the damn thing to us.  It has been parked on the creek for the better part of the last 3 years when the owners demolished yet another of a fast dying breed…the quaint beach cottage…and put up a hotel.  To my knowledge, that boat hasn’t moved once.  Why not give it to people who will appreciate it?

It also saw some of this…

The nieceling spawnette got up on the kneeboard the VERY FIRST TIME SHE TRIED, pics not here b/c I don’t put pics of other people’s kids up on my public blog without permission.  She is beautiful and awesome and a lover of all things Muppets, and she’s pretty athletic.  Well rounded.  Might make a good prom date for any of our readers with 12 year old boys, who will be subjected to a strict scrutiny from her Aunt Michele.  And her father, who owns a shotgun.  You better walk the straight and narrow with my girl.

And then we did some of this…

Day 4 saw us drive to Cola., SC to visit my youngest sister and her beautiful 5 week old baby girl.  You know I’ll drive to get some baby time in.  We had a great time T!  She’s just precious.  Sorry we missed you Phil.  Again no pics.  A.  See my rule above.  B.  I held a baby for the better part of an hour here and there and nobody took one picture of me with Miss Adorable.  grrr.  We’re still on a learning curve over here.

We headed home and hit Melvin’s in Mt. P., which is my kids FAVE BBQ place in SC.  They also have great sides.  Emeril proclaimed their Cheeseburger the Best of Cheeseburgery Goodness.  Here’s a tip, go to the Mt. P. location if you’re going to have Melvin’s b/c the service and food at the James Island one SUCKS.

Finally, we ended up back where we started with a nice long walk…

 Next…Day 5, The Plant Whisperer and Roadside Kitchen James Island style.  And, we are getting a  foster child for the week!  Looking forward to corrupting the spawn of high school friends!


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