LDHD Day 7

Yesterday, Ted decided he wanted to make some red rice.  Being a retired chef, he sometimes doesn’t get the concept of cooking for a family of four.

50 lbs. of red rice

Feel free to stop by and have some, take some home with you.

We had the Nicholson/Knight spawn out to the dock again.  We managed to get some tubing time in, but the weather was kind of crappy.  Hope you had fun, also hope you didn’t pick up any foul language.  I kid…I kid.

After hours, we had company. The tallest man I’ve ever seen showed up again! Ha! Just kidding Mannie, you aren’t really the tallest man I’ve ever seen. But you had to know that we weren’t going to let you get away with that one. We’re gonna play a little game to see if anyone can figure out what we are talking about. 😉

Our friend from high school that we randomly ran into yesterday, Jim, brought his lovely wife out to hang with us on the IOP. And by lovely wife, I mean when they left Ted said under his breath as only Ted can do, “Damn Jim, she’s hot.” What fun! We sat around, traded stories, drank some beer, and then Jim busted out the yearbooks. Bwahaahaahaaa. Boy, was that fun.

This was fun, first of all, because of the three books Jim brought with him, Farmer Ted was in 2… both times as a freshman. Ted did not appear in the Senior yearbook because at the end of his “sophomore” 2nd freshman year, Ted got asked to leave Wando.

I enjoyed going through the yearbooks, as mine are all “Gone with Hurricane Hugo.” We had a little catch-up session. Mostly it ended with Ted saying “he/she’s my cousin,” or having him lick his eyebrows remembering a past flame from his days working at the Slip-N-Slide Waterpark.

All in all, a pretty enjoyable evening. One of the better spent I can remember to date. I want to point out that Jim and his lovely bride managed to drive away with out any damned red rice. Thanks a lot Manny, you fair weathered friend.

And really people? How many times can we insert Nipsey Russell into a poll and have the man get trounced? Clearly he was the best panelist. He closed all of the segments with his infamous rhymes. YouTube some Match Game people. And then YouTube some Nipsey Russell Match Game video. You will cry. Brett Somers, I am convinced, showed up drunk and carried her own flask in. She is the shizzle.


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