Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Farmer Ted busted the tomato muncher this morning.

Who would’ve guessed something the size of that could squeeze itself through a 2″x2″ fence hole?  At least we know what we are up against now, after spending the better part of the past week or so searching for tomato hornworms.  I was beginning to think we were being led on a snipe hunt.

It’s also pretty clear that we are not going to win the War of the Brussel Sprouts.

Yes, we’ve weeded since we took this pic.

So, now Ted has to figure out how to keep the little demons out of the gardens.  The nasty deer and rabbit “repellant” concoction he sprayed around the perimeter didn’t work.  I’m not quite sure how they are immune to it.  As Ted so eloquently described it, “That shit smells like hookers on pay day.”  I’ll just say it made me throw up in my mouth.

Next…Chives beat Sage, so I guess that means a new poll should go up tonight.  Come back later and vote.


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