Hummingbird Wars

We’ve had daily sightings of a hummingbird at the perennial garden, which is really cool.  However, I’ve read accounts where blog friends have witnessed hummingbird fights between males competing for territory.  In an effort to encourage a Hummingbird UFC at our house, we bought a cute little hummingbird feeder.  The only fighting over it that has ensued thus far has been the Wannabes vs. the Sugar Ants.

We won that battle.   The battle over the figs is still underway.

Where are the hordes of hummingbirds?  Driving back and forth to work, I’ve noticed quite a few new feeders cropping up in the yards of our neighbors.  Clearly we need to find a niche that will entice the hummers to visit the GrowDammit feeder.

Sitting out on the back deck one night, we discussed options.  Sugar water is only appealing until the ants show up.  What if we mix it up and add a little Red Bull?  Vodka?  The Hummingbird Martini possibilities are endless.  Do you really want to see a hummingbird hopped up on caffiene?  Can a drunk hummingbird hover?  What will it do to the ants?  Have we accidently discovered a weapon to win the war for the fig tree?

Relax PETA, we’re not lighting up Thumper’s ass with a paintball gun and we’re not conducting experiments on our feathered friends.  These are just conversations on the back deck.  So far.

Next…Blog Road Trip to Pittsburgh. Will Farmer Ted ever pass this kidney stone?  He’s seriously in pain. 😦


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