Flirt Alert

This is the name of the nail polish color that is now on my toes.  I call it purple, dark purple to be exact.  Or deep purple if you want to be deep.  Some other shades I considered before settling on Flirt Alert were Tart Deco (too pink), I’m Not Really a Waitress (too red) and I’m Not Really a Whore (too whorish).  Gone are the days of 4300896 or Bubble Gum Pink.  I blame Crayola really for inciting this madness when they decided that orange is not orange, rather it is Macaroni and Cheese.  I wonder if it’s actually somebody’s job title to be “Nail Polish Namer.”  What do you think they make a year?  Perhaps they’ve got a random name generator similar to “What’s Your Pirate Name” or “What’s Your Stripper Name.”  I can’t remember my pirate name, but I think my stripper name had Tassles somewhere in it.

Anyway, my toenails are now purple and ready to hit the road tomorrow.  For now, I think I’ll go down and flirt with Ted in the Lair.  He’s feeling much better today.  To be fair, he never complained or whined about being in pain Anonymous.  Thanks for the tip about the tape though.  I wonder if it will work to keep the rabbits out of the garden.  Ted said that 4 of them were having a grand ol’ time frolicking in the yard this afternoon.  It’s a shame that the mandibles with wings currently attacking me right now don’t seem to affect them.  The Dragon of course was unconcerned.  Not much interrupts his daily nap in the A/C.

Next…Packing.  What does one wear to the Antiques Road Show?


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