Trip Highlights Part 1

Yesterday on our way to Pittsburgh, we saw:

  • a tank gassing up at a Sunoco
  • a monk gassing up at a different Sunoco
  • a chick with a mustache thicker than Ted’s in a bar.

No pics taken b/c Ted was driving and I was carsick.  I never get carsick.  Weird.

Also of interest, the dude we met in the hotel bar last night first tried to talk us into participating in some kind of pyramid scheme, then approached Ted inquiring if we would be interested in a threesome.  We have nicknamed him Freaky McGee.  And Ted politely declined.

Today at the Antiques Roadshow we learned that our Japanese Cloisonne Process Vases and Kit weren’t worth much but were “Very Cool.”

  We learned that our tusks are indeed ivory and not wood, from an elephant and not a walrus, and would cost us more to replace them than we could sell them for?

We learned not very much about this:

We know it’s a walrus mandible, the metal is what they call “white metal,” and it is probably Inuit art.  They have no idea why someone would do this to a jawbone.  Again “Very Cool,” but apparently not cool enough to put us on TV.

The lady who appraised our Pennsylvania Railroad Sign which is porcelain and again “Very Cool” asked us where we stole it.

Ted shirt was really a highlight for the male Roadshow Volunteers…

“Nice Pineapples”

We didn’t meet or even see Mark Wahlburg, despite my best stalking efforts.

Very fun day, but our stuff despite all of its inherent coolness isn’t going to make us rich and famous.  For the record, we aren’t looking to sell anything but wanted to make sure we didn’t need to further insure anything.  All of this stuff belongs to my kids.

Next…Lookout Andy Warhol, here we come.


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