Meet Bubba

The Birthday Lobster

The youngest spawn wanted to keep him for a pet.  Get him a leash and walk him around.  Get him a friend and have races around the dining room table.  The Dragon was concerned, yet dismissive…

Farmer Ted had other plans for Bubba…

Ted’s Seafood Platter

Lobster, tortilla tilapia, crabcake, blackened scallops and shrimp with mango salsa.  No birthday supper would be complete without…

GrowDammit Tomato Salad

After the youngest spawn heard about our adventures with the Batmobile, he created his own villian…

The Claw

The eldest spawn, sadly, was absent.  He has twice a day 3 hour training sessions for his high school soccer team.  Oh well, more seafoody goodness for us.

Finally, a GrowDammit Birthday Harvest…

Next…Trip Highlights Part 3.  Oh, and there’s a new special edition Birthday Poll up for a limited time.

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