Trip Highlights, The Finale

We made it to Gettysburg, despite Sybil, and did the Auto Tour.
Robert E. Lee
The SC Memorial
The PA Memorial
The Kentucky Memorial
Mean Gene was there.
Notice the advertised “Period Fare,” because back in the days of the Civil War they ate
Garden Stuff like Chickens
Historic Downtown Gettysburg was disappointing.  All of the restaurants had the same menus, and it’s one tchotchke shop after another with plenty of Ghost Tour places thrown in.  I’d recommend skipping it.   The town, not the auto tour.
And that was it in a nutshell.
In GrowDammit News…
I ended up with a new iPhone 3GS.  Let’s hope it’s less of a piece of shit than the last one.  I don’t know what I did to piss off Steve Jobs, but that thing never acted right.
A new poll is up in the Herb Smackdown.
None of our blog fans like birthday cake.
The Dragon is napping.
Next…Who knows.  Stay tuned because I’m sure we can come up with something.

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