Rubbing my hands with evil glee.

Shortly after this morning’s blog post.  This showed up in my email…

I decided a little Twitter stalking (Twalking)?  Might prove to be entertaining…

A friend of mine who works at Verizon, but not in Support, showed up to taunt me.

More taunts.

I got home, and everything was right again in the GrowDammit household.  I guess @VerizonSupport got tired of being harassed.  I probably should go and Tweet my thanks.  I am still a little miffed that the Job Site Supervisor never called, but it’s probably for the best that he didn’t.  I can be an asshole when I’m mad.
Next…Tomatillas, a new poll and I found my lost glasses.  Oh, and another field trip to the Home Depot.  My washing machine disintegrated last night.


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One response to “Rubbing my hands with evil glee.

  1. Buenas. Me ha hecho sonreir repasar su crónica.
    Me ha semejado una exposición muy encantadora, pero,
    en determinados trazos difiero un poco de tu prestigio.
    He visto que tienes más divulgaciones, prometo tomarme un intervalo para adivinarlas.
    Ten por innegable que acecharé todas tus manifestaciones.

    Te congratulo por tu espacio web. Un acogedor saludo.

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