Back to Normal

Or whatever is normal for us…

We have a new washing machine coming on Thursday.  I had to resort to hand washing my unmentionables today.  I Know, I Know.  Washing them in the machine is supposed to be bad.  Frankly, I’ve never noticed an increase wear and tear on them from putting them on Gentle.  I mean really, how long are they supposed to last anyway?  Since they were sopping wet, I decided to pull the drying rack up to the deck thinking they’d dry quicker in the sun and breeze.  Of course tonight’s the night the neighbor decided to stroll back here and have a beer with us.

Speaking of my panties, I lost my eyeglasses the other day.  We spent the better part of 2 days looking for them.  Tearing through junk drawers, scanning all surfaces, looking behind furniture and under sofa cushions.  I figured they’d show up the minute I went and bought a new pair.  Luckily, it didn’t come to that.  I was getting dressed the next morning and pulled out some underthings to wear, and there they were.  Tangled up in a thong?

In exciting GrowDammit news, we made salsa verde!  From our own tomatillos.  The peppers were store bought, but we do have poblanos coming along.  They were still just a tish too small to pick.

Note, we have harvested our first green bell pepper!

They are sticky, when you pull them from the pouch?

Grilled, marinated tofu burritos with black beans and GrowDammit Salsa Verde.  *drool*

Random lair decor…

There’s a new poll up in the Herb Smackdown.  This should get good.

I got an email from my new BFFs at Verizon Support.  They are pulling some of my tennis channel options.  Of course, my bill won’t be going down.  If I actually watched tennis, they’d be hearing about it.


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