Happy Labor Day Y’all

I hope everyone had better weather than we did. It’s been muggy and raining off and on all day. On the bright side, I got breakfast in bed and stayed there watching the Chopped marathon until one-ish. When I realized I wasn’t getting lunch in bed. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

So, Ted did not get to mow the grass today. The backyard is ridiculously long. It’s been too wet to get a push mower through. And it’s just going to get worse because the weather forecast says it going to rain FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. What? We’re going to need a scythe.

I can’t believe nobody has a comment about the lavender vs. sorrel poll. A few have voted. I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’ve never actually cooked with either one of them, even though you can. We have 3 different kinds of lavender growing in the flower garden. I just read about lavender mustard. In my unending quest to find the holy grail of mustard, I might just have to try this. I have a feeling it will disappoint. I like my mustard spicy.

I had to Google sorrel to find out exactly what its culinary use is. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it is actually POISONOUS in large amounts. I will definitely be reading up on ingredients I am unfamiliar with before I use them. I will also be voting for sorrel, because it scares me.

Next…We were going to go on a Night Watch for migratory hawks, but it’s supposed to rain FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. On the upside, we found a remote control tarantula that has never been opened in the game closet.

We named him Fluffy.


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