The Great Tomato Harvest of 2011

After the monsoon season finally decided it was over, the tomato season followed suit.  We’ve had a lot of green tomatoes, but they weren’t ripening on the vines and the vines were turning yellow and starting to die so we pulled them all.

This would be a shitton of tomatoes.

I see a lot of fried green tomatoes in our future.

Or, more pickled tomatoes and chow-chow.

The garden still has peppers, tomatillos, okra and gourds.  And weeds.

In other GrowDammit news, the explosion at the nuclear plant in France didn’t result in a nuclear leak.  This means the Wannabes can still plan to move there.

Next…The Herb Smackdown bracket starts a new round tomorrow.  And, we shot Bambi.

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