After all of the crappy weather lately, we had it bad. We decided a day trip was in order. Our Plan A strategy was to head toward a coastline and just see what we could see. We got in the truck, told Sybil we wanted no highways or toll roads or U-Turns (b/c THAT gets old) and picked a random Maryland shore town (Easton b/c it is rumored as somewhat historic) with a random address and set off. After Sybil navigated us around and got me to a place I recognized that I could have gotten to an hour sooner, we switched to Plan B.
I have a friend who has a farm on a river in a town in Maryland, and since we were starving for lunch we set course to that town. We stopped for a Bloody Mary and a bite to eat, but since we will more than likely be touring that town in the future while visiting said friend we moved on. Easton wasn’t too far down the road.

When we got to Easton, we discovered its historical importance has something to do with Frederick Douglass…which is cool and something we have to research. There was a statue of him in the main square, and a picture of him at the historical society window and a highway and playground named after him; but, we never found out why? I assume he was born there. But, I’ve learned to never just assume.

Anyway, the only other thing of interest we found about Easton is that apparently the citizens and visitors are notorious rule breakers. We first witnessed evidence of this in the Bank of America parking lot, where…

You would think one sign would be enough.

Apparently, it’s not.

And then we started to notice a parking lot trend…

And then we got to the historic courthouse, where they post all pending civil and criminal complaints including towed cars and people who don’t pay their child support *pics currently being held hostage by my piece of shit iPhone which is supposed to be less of a piece of shit.*

And in the interest of keeping this short, here are some other fun pics from today…

The Venus de Milo in lockup.

Adds an interesting twist to getting around town.

We both did a double take because this looks EXACTLY like my neiceling spawn.

Found in Maryland.

It’s good to be the King.

We saw many expected Ravens, Eagles, Steelers fans & then the Cheesehead showed up.

I peed with two nuns in a WaWa…right after they were talking to a biker gang.  One nun was using the ultra-tornado like hand dryer and I swear she said “It will take your sin off.”  Awesome.

The last few shots were from St. Michaels, MD.  Where we eventually ended up.  We will definitely be going back to spend some more time there.  It’s the town that Fooled the British after all, and you never know when that kind of knowledge might come in handy.

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