In the interest of being habitual line crossers…

I got home from work today to find Ted reminiscing about the good ol’ days when he and his cousin wanted to have their own punk band.  Named the Motherfuckers.  I realize that for some reason that word has come out of my keyboard a lot lately.  Because it is Awesome.

Anyway, Ted has regaled the spawn and I many times with their song “Assface.”  I’ll let him fill you in on the lyrics.  So, he apparently spent the afternoon sharing GG Allin YouTube videos with one of his buddies.  Click this link if you want to see a strung out punk rocker walk out on the stage naked, punch someone in the face, take a crap, throw it at the crowd, eat some and then bludgeon himself in the head with a whiskey bottle.  If you get the picture and don’t want to see that, I understand.  If you liked it and want to see more classics like  “Suck My Ass It Smells,” “Fuck Authority” and “Guns, Bitches, Brawls and Bottles,” they are all on YouTube.  Sickos.

In other news a friend of Ted’s commented on his FB page regarding yesterday’s late night ramblings about bathrobes and Pluto.  Her conclusion was that Pluto is the Tranny of Planets.  This must be what keeps me up at night.

There is a new poll.  Basil just barely edged out Thyme, so if feel strongly about Rosemary or Chives Vote.

Next…You never know.

P.S.  My opinion is that there are no bad words, only inappropriate times to use them.  I’ve never censored their (the spawn’s) music or media for language or violence.  Only for sexual content when it was/is inappropriate for their age.  My rule is that listening to the music or watching R rated movies is a privilege, and the minute I get that phone call from the school or another parent about their poor behavior the privilege is gone.  I have never gotten that phone call.  It works for us.  My theory is that this is my rebellion for the fact that I wasn’t allowed to have Prince’s album 1999 back in the day.  Stop judging me and blame Bob Smith.


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