Living with a retired chef…

Does not totally suck.  What can possibly suck about it you ask?  I never get to cook anything.  And I love to cook.  Okay, so suck is a strong word.

I got home last night from work and was in one of those whiny “I want something and don’t know what I want and even if I knew what it is I want we don’t have it in the house anyways” kind of moods.  So, I pulled out some shrimp, peppers, pasta and artichokes.  I was going to make Shrimp Fra Diavalo, but when I went for diced tomatoes all we had was tomato sauce.  And I was bummed because I don’t like it made with sauce.  I prefer diced.  I whined at Ted while I started to chop some onion. Ted, being Ted, did what he does and started to help and the next thing I knew I was just standing there because he had completely taken over.

This totally did not suck.

Spicy shrimp in a tomato white wine sauce with peppers and artichoke hearts.  Now, I would have eaten the artichoke as a side.  However, after we took the picture he broke up the artichoke and mixed it in with the pasta.  Eating the dish all together, instead of making them separate bites, made the sweetness of the heart completely tame the spice.  That man is a genius.  He really should be on Chopped.

My only complaint is that we couldn’t use GrowDammit artichokes.  We have plants, but they never flourished.  I think our growing season was just too rainy and wet for a lot of things.

Next…A GrowDammit 2011 retrospective b/c we’ll probably be harvesting and pulling up whatever is left.  I think the season is pretty much over.  THAT totally sucks.


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