Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

I know you are a very busy man, but do you think you could take a minute of your time and rein in your Developers?  They’ve lost their damn minds.  This was my Facebook wall last night…


I know, I know.  This is a free service that I take advantage of, so you are probably thinking Quitcherbitching.  However, this might induce seizures.  Just because you dodged a bullet with the last lawsuit, doesn’t mean you will the next.  Hey, I’m just trying to be helpful.

I’m sorry my last status update was “I hate you Facebook.”  I don’t really hate you.  I love you, or Facebook that is.  If it weren’t for FB, Farmer Ted and I wouldn’t be together.  Can you imagine?  I mean our blog entertains at least a few dozen people every day.

So, if you can’t control your own employees can you please, please at least give us the option of having the old Facebook?  Or, can you make it so people’s comments to their friends that I don’t even know don’t consume my wall.  And while I’m sharing my wish list, can you fix the glitch that doesn’t hide all games even though I’ve asked it to hide all games.  Also, can you explain why stuff my friends do and say will show up on my phone and not on my laptop and vice versa?

Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

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