And then, there were none.

The gardens are gone.  We made our final harvest this weekend.

Lots of peppers and tomatillos…

mean salsa verde and maybe we’ll try our hand at a hot pepper relish or chow chow.

And one tiny gourd.

The gourd was a bit of unexpected fun.  We put the seeds in the ground as a last minute, late decision so I thought the only thing we’d see was vines.  I was pulling vine off the fencing to get rid of it and found the little guy.  I need to figure out how to dry it out and make it into a little GrowDammit bird feeder.

The idea for hot relish comes from our friend Bo out at Brookberry Farm.  We featured Brookberry as a celebrity guest garden because he is an amazing photographer and everyone should buy his book.  Well, As a Man Thinketh isn’t his but they did a reissue of a classic using his wonderful pictures.  If you fan the page, you’ll get a lovely inspirational quote every day.  They put me in a good mood, and help remind me that if I work to make myself a more spiritual, better person then I improve my situation and the world around me.  Whoa, that got deep for me.  And no, it’s not just a bunch of religious quotes from the Bible.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s really not for me.  Don’t judge.  The Bible is against that.  Even if you friend the page, seriously buy the book.  It’s beautiful.  And feel free NOT to buy it from Borders, because they stiffed him on some royalties.

We had fun heckling our friends at Brookberry a little this year by taunting them with our clearly superior gardening skills.  They handled it pretty well, by mostly putting us on polite ignore.  All in good fun, and we look forward to being ignored again next year.  Haters.

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