Poor Rufus Dragon

Having just faced a financial glitch, Farmer Ted decided to come out of retirement so I wouldn’t have to sell my house.  We needed the extra cash, and he stepped up in a big way.  Unfortunately the transitional period between the old chef and him, means Ted is working 12+ hour days and we don’t get to see him very often right now.
Misses the tall man.

No sooner had Ted hopped into the shower, the Dragon made himself at home on his coat.  Ted even moved the dog, jacket and all to his bed, and when we woke up this morning Rufus had pulled the coat off of his bed and was sleeping on it on the floor again.

I know Rufus, I miss him too.

Next…There’s a new poll people.  Vote.  Does anyone remember who won the Rosemary vs. Chive match?  If the eldest spawn doesn’t stop looking over my shoulder, I’m going to give him a smackdown.  I need to find a recipe for Lavender Mustard.


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