The Bird is Not the Word

Let’s be real people.  It’s all about the sides.  At least it is for me, ever since I lost my mind and went vegetarian.  And I don’t even do that right, because I still eat seafood.  I will also eat food, like collard greens for example, that have been cooked with a ham hock or bacon or other piece of porky goodness.  I just pick around the bits of meat.  I didn’t stop eating meat because of some kind of moral compass…as if.

I will say that I don’t miss the turkey part of Turkey Day at all.  I did miss the turducken part of Turkey Day when we stopped doing that after trying it once, because what’s not to like about a fowl stuffed with fowl and more fowl and cornbread sausage stuffing?  I don’t want to talk about last year’s Tofurkey incident because just thinking about THAT makes me throw up in my mouth.

I’ll stick with the sides.  We’ve already discussed the green bean casserole and the cranberry sauce.  I would share the oyster cornbread stuffing recipe, except Ted made it last year while I was at work.  This year, I’ll be attempting it while he is at work.  So, y’all might have to wait until next year for it.  We’ll be having the necessary, but in my opinion boring, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Veggies include glazed carrots and bacon/caraway/beer roasted brussel sprouts.  I’m considering lima beans, and either jalapeno cheese grits casserole or mac & cheese.  The kids give the grits a solid thumbs down.  They are all about the mac & cheese.  And so, is Rufus Dragon.  Yes, the Dragon gets his own small plate of supper.  He’s old, and he may or may not be going blind.  Either he is, or he’s trying to trick us into a bigger plate this year.

And since I can’t give you the stuffing recipe yet, I’ll give you a hint to spruce up your carrots.  Boil them in Ginger Ale before you glaze them with butter and brown sugar.

Next…I have to do something completely unglamorous and clean my house.  We have family coming.  If the spawn don’t clean their game room tonight, they won’t even know what hit them in the morning.  Their first big mistake is thinking they can outsmart me. *as I rub my hands in evil glee*


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