A New York State of Mind

This past weekend the eldest spawn and I made an impromptu overnight trip to the Big Apple. The youngest spawn stayed behind to hang out with his Dad. Farmer Ted stayed behind because he had to work. (I know, sad face. 😦

We packed light, and I didn’t take any cameras because Ted is the only person who has bothered to learn how to use the expensive ass camera. I did take a few shots with my iPhone and was pleasantly surprised by this one taken from Bryant Park and purtied up with Instagram

I was too busy being Mom of the Year and dragging my child, who had sustained a concussion on Friday and who really should have been on complete cognitive bed rest come to find out, all over Manhattan to take any other pics.  Don’t judge me, you would’ve done the same thing for the best slice of pizza on the planet.  Probably.  Either that or a fake Gucci bag.  Pick your poison.

Next…We need to get back to the Herb Smackdown.  Ted has downloaded the iSamJackson app on his phone because it’s like having Tourettes Sam Jackson in your pocket, or over your car speakers.


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