Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

How blingy and silvery and poofy your branches.

Aluminum Pom-Pom tree with green color wheel or gold, they look the same in pictures.

Blue color wheel.

Red color wheel.

Complete with vintage Shiny-Brite and Jewel-Brite ornaments.  I really, really want the rotating color wheel stand…if anyone was wondering what to get me for Christmas.

And then, we had to bring home the largest real tree we could find.

Ted had to cut at least a foot from the trunk and a foot off of the top so it would fit.  No wonder he refused to watch Christmas Vacation with us.  “Lots of sap.”

Don’t worry people, Scrooge is coming around.  When Ted and I first reconnected, he didn’t celebrate Christmas.  At all.  Now look at him, cutting down trees and turning on the lights before I get home at night.

Enough with the sap.  There’s a new poll.  The Herb Finale.

Next…One inflatable lawn ornament is one too many, unless it’s this one…


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