And then I melted.

Okay, so I didn’t really melt.  I do think I had a hotflash about an hour ago.  Seriously Menopause?  I’m only 42.

Ted and I were down in the lair shooting the shit, when I totally broke out in a sweat.  Down in the lair, which is about 60 degrees right now.

Ted:  Are you okay?

Me:  I think I’m having a hotflash?  I’m sweating.  Actually, I might be dying.

Ted was so worried that he immediately Googled “hotflash.”

Ted:  Sudden feelings of warmth, mostly spreading over your upper body?

Me:  Yes

Ted:  Profuse sweating?

Me:  Gross. Yes

Ted:  Sudden chill as it wears off?

Me:  Not yet because it’s not wearing off.  If it weren’t raining, I’d go outside and lie down in the driveway.

Ted:  Go stand in the garage.

Me:  I have to go upstairs.

Don’t worry, it’s all over now.  I think I scared Ted, but only because he is convinced that menopause turns women into raving lunatics.  He hasn’t once left the lair to come check on me.

Thanks a lot for the concern Babe.  I promise that I will try not to stab you or anything crazy for the next few years.  I definitely will not go hotflashdancing.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.


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