Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in the Phillie burbs.  Ted and I took advantage to do some much needed work in the yard.  While he was in his glory putzing around on the tractor dealing with leaves, I was taking the lights and Christmas decor down.  I must have walked by the rhodadendron/azalea garden about 10 times…

…before I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.  My first thought was that if it was a snake, I was really going to embarrass myself in the front yard.  However, further investigation revealed it was…

…the Dragon.  Taking a stealth nap.

Bedtime’s attempt wasn’t so successful.

Next…I guess leaving the poll up, even though the voting has ended, isn’t going to change the fact that Basil beat Cilantro.  By one vote.  It doesn’t matter.  I know what the best herb is.


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