Manicure Madness, or just another Pinterest anomaly.

The whole fascination with the sock monkey enigma on Pinterest first brought this craziness to my attention…Apparently a trend is to pin unusual fingernail decorations that you heart so much you must try one day.

This I don’t classify as crazy, something I would never have the patience for definitely but cute & whimsical nonetheless…Not sure how I could walk into my office with it the next day and expect to be taken seriously.  And, they are pretty laid back.  At my office.  Not the nails.

These are just batshit crazy.  Call me old.  Call me out for having my No Fun Light on, but seriously?  Surely no adult does this?  I pray that no teenage spawn looking for employment does this.  Who are these Pinteresteoples?  Do they have jobs?  Where do they work?  Are they really tweens trying to be all grown up?



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4 responses to “Manicure Madness, or just another Pinterest anomaly.

  1. Ted

    The paper airplane ones are pretty cool but as far as the rest of them go?? They're not really my thing, It's kinda like being all tatted up… Who's gonna fuckin' take you seriously? This bullshit has nothing on the sock monkey. This post is kinda dealt towards the girlies so I'm gonna leave it alone; I just think that these are fuckin' stoopid… Oops… "Stupid."

  2. I liked the paper airplane one, too…you should do the flies that you posted long ago on Chele's nails~now that would be a conversation pièce de résistance!

  3. The Spawnette is all about the decorative nail art, but she's 12. Even she thought most of these bordered on tacky, so we can't imagine who would spend the time to do their nails like this!Oh, wait. Maybe the same people who wear their PJs and slippers out to the store? 😉

  4. Ted

    Mare just went there…

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