There’s a Weiner joke in here somewhere…

Reading the news tonight, I came across this gem.

Really Ann?  The Anthony Weiner debacle didn’t teach you anything?

And, then it got better.

Seems that poor Mitt needs to have a chat with Bob Dole.



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5 responses to “There’s a Weiner joke in here somewhere…

  1. Next thing you know, there will be a Mitt ring tone because he sang a line from an old Marvin Gaye song….


  2. The Blogging Queen leaves us our first comment at the new blog! “Economy Healing?” “How Sweet It Is to Pay $4 for a Gallon of Gas”

  3. wannabeted

    I think that it sucks ass that fuel has hit 4 bucks a gallon!

    So… Mitt Romney’s Wife gets on National T.V. and says that her Man iis a real “Softy.” Good Gawd. It’s fuckin’ hard to tell the poison from the cure sometimes…

    So how about this snazzy new blog that we have going on? Farmer Chele has given me the keys to the shop so now I can post my own shit up here; So get ready. Speaking of random.

    On the old blog… Nicole started this “Vagazzling” craze. Farmer Chele jumped on the bandwagon and finds some “examples” of this fuckin’ shit and , Man…. These people REALLY don’t need to be sending these pictures out there. Pretty nasty….

    I worked with this chick one time and she wanted to have the word “Luscious” tatted across her snapper; So I laughed at her and she got all pissed off… Too funny.

    Now what would be kinda cool would be to vagazzle (?) like… A landing strip… With blinking lights and shit… That way… You can always find the hangar to park your “Meat Bomber.”

    I must be loosing my mind.

  4. Love the new blog design, and I vote “yes” on vajazzle photos. It’s like Faces of Meth ( Hard to look, but the world needs to know what it is up against. It’s a pubic [sic] service, really.

  5. wannabeted

    Sluts think it’s classy.

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