Occupy Fish Porch

My friend Amy Beans…best last name EVER…has a Fish Porch.

WTH is a Fish Porch you say?  She has a crazy little porch off of her driveway to sit and watch the goings on in her koi fish pond.  And, I am bound and determined that I am going to live in her fish porch one day.  Unless, I win the lottery and can live in my own fish porch.  Or, somebody builds me a fish porch to live in before I occupy hers.

I have friends who think they have right of first refusal to the fish porch because they knew Beans before I did…and actually introduced me to her.   My friends don’t have a blog to conduct an Occupy Fish Porch Poll.  Do I fight dirty?  Fuck yeah.

Edit…I have no idea how to post the poll on here but it consisted of this

Occupy Fish Porch

___  Me & Ted, possibly Spawn & the Dragon

___ Not the other people who feel entitled

Vote in the comments.  The Fish Porch has comfy chairs,  a firepit and I think a wet bar people.  Show the love.  I need comfy chairs to watch the fish and shoo away the heron.  Seriously, blue heron stalk her fish.  Sort of like how I stalk her fish porch.



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13 responses to “Occupy Fish Porch

  1. I vote for Growdammit to Occupy the fish porch! I can do this all day.

  2. Grasshopper

    This poll is fixed. Whether one checkmarks “Me & Ted” or “Not the other people”, you win, Minister of Cheating.

  3. Lara

    Try and say fish porch 3 times fast. Not an easy blog entry to read aloud to Mr. Man! I was torn on the vote….

    Side note….love what you’ve done with the new place here. The new logo on FB linking here confused me, but it doesn’t take much these days for me to have a “der” look on my face.

  4. Cols

    Fish porch Poll. I vote OTHER! No wetbar. It has a tv that comes out of the stone floor. How could YOU get to occupy fish porch when you don’t know all that it has to offer? Cheezus.

  5. Wue

    I vote for option C – “None of the Above”. Agree w/ Cols that if she doesn’t even know all the amenities, how can she truly appreciate it the way it deserves! I, on the other hand would make the most of my Fish Porch home!

  6. Blah, Blah, BIah. I’ve only seen the fish porch once, and I was distracted by a ginormous bronze. I would add a wet bar, and thus improve the fish porch. #winning

  7. Option C? There is no Option C. This blog is not a democracy.

  8. Beans

    Ahh, so many worthy candidates. Stay tuned to see who will win the “Battle of the Fish Porch”

  9. Jill

    fine! have the fish porch- I’ll move into the main house- problem solved!

  10. wannabeted

    Fuck that! (They have a wet bar!)

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