It’s about that time…

This weather is a fuckin’ tease. I’m all geared up to throw some tomatoes in the ground but Mother Nature isn’t having it. One day it’s all sunny and warm and the next thing ya know… You’re freezing your ass off; Maybe it’s just me because I see everyone running around wearing shorts and shit. I’m having a hard time adjusting to this Yankee weather.  The other day, it was 91 back home in Charleston… Up here? (I was wearing a sweat shirt.) It was a mild winter though… I think that it only snowed here once or twice so I’m not complaining. People kill me with the  “Snow is so pretty” (OR) “I love the snow!” Whatever… Fuck the snow. Have you ever shoveled a driveway that’s sitting under a foot of snow? Yeah.  Our garden DOES have the lettuce and peas going on but it’s the tomatoes and peppers that I myself look forward to. I’ll tell ya what else we have going on… A bunch of shade. We’ve looked into tree companies to whack ’em down but lemme tell ya…. They don’t mind charging ya for it.  We’re looking at around 1200.00 bucks a tree and we have (At least) 4 that need to come down… One in particular that shades the garden, so we’ll hafta bite the bullet on THAT one. I hate Pine trees.

So Farmer Chele and the family took a stroll into town yesterday and she tells me that the new craze for runners and joggers (Guys, to be exact) have taken up wearing short shorts.  Really? Imagine the scenario. You’re a guy… Getting ready for your run. “What to wear?” “What to wear.” “I think I’ll wear the short shorts…”  I don’t even know what to say, Man… I could never pull off a pair of short shorts. I’d be all hanging out and shit; Besides… Let’s not deny the obvious… (I’d look like a dumb ass.)  A dumb ass with a Wiener Dog. Nice.



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5 responses to “It’s about that time…

  1. Yes. Rugby short, shorts w/o compression shorts underneath is apparently the new thing in men’s running. And yes, we went from 80 degrees to the high 50’s just like that which totally sucks. And yes, the new garden is shaded starting in the afternoon by another pain in the ass pine. *sigh*

    On a bright note, I bought Farmer Ted some heirloom veggie seeds he has been eyeing up today! We have big GrowDammit plans. And we hit the road tomorrow for a little GrowDammit adventure!

  2. wannabeted

    Heirloom tomatoes… You just wait and see what the Cafe is gonna do with THOSE little gems. We’ll do up a simple salad of heirlooms that we’ve tossed around with some choice olive oil. (I’ll cut the tomatoes into bite sized chunks) throw in some fresh basil, oregano and chives… I’ll toss in a trio of freshly cracked peppercorns (Red, Pink, and white) TossTossToss… Throw all of that onto a plate or in a bowl… Drizzle that with some Caramel Balsamic… (I’ll tell you about it later) and the NEXT thing ya know…. Whoever’s the “Salad Man” for the day…? (That’s gonna be a busy Motherfucker…)

  3. Anonymous

    daisy dukes and wiener dog!!!! detinately not a good look for u teddy…lol

  4. wannabeted

    I’d look like a fuckin’ dumbass.

  5. wannabeted

    Sorry… Spell check. Dumb ass.

    (I’m new to this…)

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