With friends like us, who needs enemies?

Congrats Mannie.  You may or may not be in the Urban Dictionary.  This has nothing to do with the fact that you like to sell your meat online, and you like to sell it brick and mortar style incognito.

Backstory.  Ted and I were on his excellent Birthday overnight trip extravaganza which included a trip to FallingWater, when we saw two get out the vote signs.  Gary Boober for Sheriff and Gayle Boober for Magistrate.  You can imagine the hilaria that ensued, and in the end we birthed a new verb “to boober.”  Of course, we Facebooked our newest claim to fame and challenged our friends to define what “boober” means to them.  Mannie won.  And, he won a submission to Urban Dictionary with this gem…

justgrowdammit, growdammit, Manny

You can thank me later Mannie, when you are rich and famous.  We make it so easy for you people.


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8 responses to “With friends like us, who needs enemies?

  1. wannabeted

    This is the best thing that I’ve read all day. We have yet ANOTHER surprise for Mannie once we get the pictures off of the camera. (I’ll be back in a few. (I hafta absorb all of this in…. We actually created a word!)

  2. wannabeted

    So the more that I think about it… Once a chick’s been “Boobed” that make her the “Boobie?” Hmmmm. These little road trips that Farmer Chele and I take are a real treasure trove of crazy shit like this. We saw a sign stating that Thursday’s are “Meat Bingo” night at this one place that we drove past; naturally… The camera wasn’t out so I missed the shot but we figured that we’d get it on the way back but… Alas… We came home a different way. There’s always the next time. I’m thinking that our next trip will be whenever we go back home to Charleston whenever that is. Personally, I enjoy the artsy little towns with the funky little shops. We visited this place once and they were selling turn of the century… (Ready for THIS shit?) wicker toddler and baby caskets. Yeah… It was pretty creepy and they were expensive as SHIT! (Like 700 bucks.) We didn’t stick around in THAT fuckin’ creep hole for too long.

    “Boober…” Sometimes this shit is just too easy.

  3. Anonymous

    why would you ever drive past anything that has “meat bingo”?

  4. I don’t know exactly what Meat Bingo is, but I’ve got to play it at least once in my life.

  5. Beans

    Best new word EVER!!! Love how it’s used in a sentence. Bravo.

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