Proud Spawn Moment

The youngest spawn has a sensory disorder that mostly manifests itself with food, but occasionally rears its ugly head in various other ways.  For instance, he can ride a bike…but he WON’T ride a bike.  It’s that feeling of being out of control of a situation that limits him.  Elementary school did not go without a few bumps, but it was my goal that instead of excusing poor behavior due to a “disorder” the spawn was going to have to learn coping mechanisms to get through life and society.  And every year, we saw huge strides and unbelievable maturity occur.  Not that we ever had any major discipline issues, because the upside to this “extreme stubborn” is a rigidity to following the rules.  You have to balance that with maintaining self-control, and sometimes temper gets the better of all of us and we all have had meltdowns.

One of our biggest concerns, in addition to this desparate need to maintain control, early on was that he was painfully shy and did not like attention drawn to him whether good or bad.  If you had told me a few years ago that he would enter a public middle school with all of the stress of a bigger class size, changing classes, lockers and getting to class on time; the betting woman in me would have said no freakin’ way.  As a matter of fact, I predicted due to historical circumstance that he wouldn’t have attended school on the first day because of the “stomach flu.”  Shame, Shame on Me.  I should have focussed on all of the progress we have seen. Because the spawn not only got up and went bravely into a new world, but he refused my offer of a ride and went bravely into it on the bus…walking himself to the busstop (which was a few blocks instead of a few feet away) BY HIMSELF insisting I stay behind.

We’ve had some bumps in the road again.  Mostly centered around the spawn’s reluctance to work as a team because he was worried that other spawn screwing up would affect his grades so he’d rather do it all himself.  We talked and came to the conclusion that despite the fact you don’t always want to work with the people around you, sometimes you just have to do it.  Parenting 101, or at least it should be, is that you talk to your spawn reasonably (instead of lecturing) and explain the circumstances and consequences of their choices and let them decide if they are going to continue along the path they have chosen.  We had the discussion, and I left it up to him to decide on the teamwork thing.  Would he succeed or self-destruct?  A large part of how you are judged and graded at this point is with working as a team.

And then today, this happened...

OVERALL 6th Grade Green Team Student of the 3rd Marking Period.

This award is not only based on academic merit, but how you conduct yourself as a student and classmate.  Are you courteous?  Are you kind?  Compassionate?  Willing to help others?  Work as a teamplayer?

Congrats youngest spawn!  We are proud beyond measure.   You’ve come so far, and there isn’t anything in this world you can’t do!


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5 responses to “Proud Spawn Moment

  1. My Ace! I’m totally excited and loads of proud! (You lead by example…)

  2. Michelle Turner

    Awesome! He sounds alot like my middle daughter. Great job!

  3. Aly

    Wow! I am so happy for y’all and proud of Ben.

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